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About Department

Department of Psychiatry at KCGMC caters to the mental health needs of patients from Haryana and adjoining areas of neighbouring states (specially Uttar Pradesh and Punjab). The department runs its outpatient services from the fourth floor of OPD Complex and psychiatry ward is situated on the ground floor of IPD Block. Round the clock emergency services are also provided by the dedicated staff of department. The department provides preventive and curative services related to mental health including common mental disorders and serious mental illnesses. It also offers specialized care in the field of Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, De-addiction and Psychosexual disorders There is an active liaison with other departments of Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal. The department aims to create and maintain high standards of teaching, research and patient care.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr Arun Kumar Pandey Professor
2 Dr. Savita Chahal Associate Professor
3 Dr Ashish Aggarwal Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Aarti Senior Resident


1. Outpatient Services: Department of Psychiatry offers outpatient services for various psychiatric disorders to adult, geriatric and pediatric population on daily basis. Special De addiction services are also provided Management includes psycho pharmacotherapy, psycho education, psychotherapy and counseling.

2. Inpatient services

  • Psychiatry ward: Patient requiring hospitalization and in- patient care are admitted.
  • De-addiction ward: A 10 bedded de-addiction ward provides services for management of substance use disorder patients.

3. Emergency Services 24*7 emergency services are provided by the department of psychiatry.

4. Outdoor Services

  • Jail Visit: Once weekly visit to district jail Karnal is provided by psychiatrist from the department to cater to the mental health needs of prisoners.
  • Visit to Karunalya: A monthly visit to Karunalya is done to provide psychiatric services to homeless females residing there.

5. Other Services

  • MECT: Thrice weekly MECT service is available for in- patients requiring MECT.
  • Biofeedback: Facility for Biofeedback is available in outpatient department of Psychiatry.
  • Consultation –liasion Services
  • Disability certification for mental retardation and mental illness.