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Dr. Savita Chahal

Designation: Associate Professor

Departments: Psychiatry

Educational Qualification

Education M.B.B.S,M.D (Psychiatry)

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Neuropsychiatry, Organic Psychiatry, Adult Clinical Psychiatry, Consultation –Liaison Psychiatry

Research & Projects

Research in progress
Research Completed A study of psychiatric morbidity and its correlates in convicted prisoners.
Medical Students’ attitude towards suicide prevention: An exploratory study from North India.
Award Editor of Journal of Rural and Community Psychiatry(JRCPsy)
Second Best Graduate of University (MBBS)
Silver Medal in Forensic Medicine
Bronze Medal in Pharmacology
Bronze Medal in Social and Preventive Medicine
Bronze Medal in Microbiology
Best Paper Award in 12th annual conference IPS –NZ(Haryana branch) 2013
Best free paper award in 19th National conference IASP, 2012.
Life Ordinary Member of Indian Psychiatric Society
Member of Society for Rural Mental Health
First Prize in debate in CSIR Programme on Youth Leadership in Science


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