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Forensic Medicine

About Department

The department of Forensic Medicine was founded in year 2016. The department situated on the fourth floor of Medical College building, deals with the medical aspects of the law and the legal aspects of medical practice. The department has modern amenities with well-planned and furnished faculty rooms, office, library, research laboratory, museum, students laboratory and a spacious demonstration room to accommodate 60-70 students with modern teaching aids and methodology. It is well equipped with computers, high speed internet connection.

The Mortuary attached to the department is on the Ground Floor, about 200 yards from the College building, having three autopsy tables and adequate space for storing the bodies (7 cold cabinets each having capacity of storing four dead bodies). It is well equipped with modern facilities for conducting medico-legal autopsies. There is a Demonstration Room in the Mortuary complex having an autopsy table with gallery type student observation facilities which can accommodate 60-70 students.  


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Vijay Pal Professor
2 Dr. Kunal Khanna Associate Professor
3 DR. SANDEEP KUMAR GIRI Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Tarun Dagar Assistant Professor
5 DR. ANKIT MANN Demonstrator
6 Dr. Naveen Sharma Demonstrator


The major activity of the department is centred on providing training to the undergraduate students in the subject of Forensic Medicine; the department is also taking up all the medico-legal work that is brought by Police or ordered by the Hon’ble Courts. The autopsy workload of the department ranges between 900-1000 cases annually. The department is regularly involved in bringing justice in cases of the putrefied/decomposed bodies, skeletal remains, exhumation and giving expert opinions. We are also taking up clinical Forensic Medicine work in the form of giving expert opinion in cases of sexual assault, age estimation, injury report etc. The faculty regularly attend the Hon’ble Courts to help the investigating agency and the judiciary as and when required.