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About Department

Pharmacology forms one of the foundations of medical science, with respect to quality medical education as well as patient safety. The department, presently headed by Associate professor Dr. Tirthankar Deb and having scope for use of spacious and well equipped clinical cum Pharmacy and experimental laboratories, museum, Library, demonstration room, research laboratory and modern teaching aids, is enthusiastic in inculcating a culture of “Rational Pharmacotherapy” among medical students.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Jayant Kumar Kairi Professor
2 Dr. Tirthankar Deb Professor
3 Dr. Manmeet Kaur Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Neha Rani Assistant Professor
5 Dr. Saurav Mishra Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Astha Singh Demonstrator
7 Dr. Nitika Sandhu Demonstrator


1. Medical Education for undergraduate MBBS students.

  •  Didactic lectures, practical classes, tutorials & OSPE for 2nd professional MBBS students on Pharmacological basis of use of drugs.
  •  Patient centered learning of Pharmacology: Bed side learning of Pharmacology by analyzing the management of real life patients on the basis of pharmacological principles.
  • Computer Assisted learnig of experimental Pharmacology

2. Patient Safety Pharmacovigilance including adverse drug reaction monitoring as per Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI)
3. Research The department proposes to actively undertake clinical research.