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Dr. Gulshan Kumar Garg

Designation: Associate Professor

Departments: General Surgery

Educational Qualification

Education MBBS, M.S (General Surgery)

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Breast Surgery


1.Isolated Glossopharyngeal and Vagus Nerve Palsy Due to Fracture Involving the Jugular Foramen- Report of Three Cases. Ishwar Singh, Shyam Singla Gulshan Kumar , Seema Rohilla.

2. Adult intussusception: Case series Garg P, Garg G, Verma S, Mittal S, Rathee VS, Narang A, Saurab

3. Male breast carcinoma: Case report with retrospective study of breast carcinoma Sunder Goyal, Snigdha Goyal1, Gulshan Kumar Garg

4. Cutaneous Horn mimicking Animal Horn: Case Report & brief review Gulshan Garg, Sunder Goyal

5. face-mask as scrotal support to reduce incidence of scrotal oedema (post inguinoscrotal surgery) Gulshan Garg, Sunder Goyal

7.Giant fibroadenoma of the breast in a pre-pubertal girl: a case report Sunder Goyal, Gulshan Garg, Shveta Narang.

7. Impact of low pressure laproscopic cholecystectomy on hepatic functions. Dr. Sham Singla, Dr.Gulshan garg, Dr.Yogesh Taneja, Dr. Sanjay Marwah

8. Right parduodenal Hernia Causing acute Intestinal obstruction leading to perforation. Pardeep Garg, Sandeep Bhoriwal, V.S Rathee, S Verma Gulshan Garg.

9. Eosinophilic Cholecystitis Mimicking Adenomyomatosis. Sourabh Aggarwal, Pardeep Garg, V.S Rathee, S Verma, Gulshan Garg.

10. Rectal Perforation By Bamboo stick : A case report. Garg G, Garg P, Singh V, Verma S, Mittal S.

11. Comparsion of standard and modified Technique of vasectomy : A Clinical Study. Jagdish Kumar Mutreja, Gulshan Kumar Garg, Sham Singla, Mukesh Kumar Sangwan