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Dr. Ashish Marwah HOD

Designation: Professor

Departments: Paediatrics

Educational Qualification

Education MBBS , MD PEDIATRICS, MNAMS, Fellowship Neonatology (NNF)

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Pediatrics, Neonatology

Research & Projects

Research in progress
Research Completed Clinicial profile of Neonatal dermatoses among in born neonates from a Tertiary care Teaching Institute
Bacteriological & clinical profile of Neonatal Sepsis: Experience from a tertiary care teaching institute
Award NALS, PALS certificate holder
Member- IAP, NNF, Society of trauma, and emergency pediatrics
Dr Ashish Marwah won the second prize in the Oral Paper category of International Neonatology Neurocon Conference " NEO-NEUROCON JULY-2018."
Honours Member National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS)
NNF Fellowship Neonatology


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