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Dr. Nidhi Kamra

Designation: Associate Professor and Head

Departments: Dermatology, Vernereolgy & Leprosy

Educational Qualification

Education M.B.B.S,M.D (Dermatology, venereology and leprology)

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Dermatosurgery, Vitiligo surgeries

Research & Projects

Research in progress Comparative evaluation of Intralesional MMR and podophyllin versus intralesional MMR alone in Genital warts.
Role of iron supplementation in tinea infections…
Research Completed Melasma in North Indians: A clinical, epidemiological and etiological study.
Topical corticosteroid abuse on face: A clinical prospective study.
Premature graying: Role of Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 and S.ferritin.
Award Fellowship in LASER and AESTHETICS, IADVL observership program 2017
1st runner up at IADVL GSK PG Dermatology Quiz
Member of Indian Association of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology
Member of Nail Society of India
Member of Association of cutaneous surgeons of India.


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