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Dr Swati Bansal

Designation: Assistant Professor

Departments: Anatomy

Educational Qualification

Education MBBS

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Yet to be Updated


1.Gupta R, Goyal D, Budhiraja V, Swati S, Bansal S Gaur N :Handling of cadavers in mortuary amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Nat acad med sci :2020;56:224–226

2.Swami S, Buddhiraja V, Gupta R, Swati Bansal S, Gaur N, Sharma D: Correlation between second to fourth digit ratio and anthropoemetric variables indicative of cardiovascular disease. J Morphol Sci 2019:36(1); 28-32.

3. Swami S, Budhiraja V, Sharma D, Gupta R, Bansal S: A Unilateral Variation in Triceps Brachii Muscle Demonstrating a Fourth Head Ann Natl Acad Med Sci (India) 2021;00:1–3.

4. Bansal S, Budhiraja V, Swami S, Gupta R . A thorough cadaveric investigation of coronary ostia and its relationship with sinotubular junction. Eur J Anat, 26(3):279-288(2022)

5.  Swati Bansal, Rajiv Jain, Virendra Budhiraja, Shveta Swami, Rimpi Gupta. A cadaveric study of arteriovenous trigone of heart: the triangle of Brocq and Mouchet. Anat Cell Biol 2023;56:205-210