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Dr Shallu Mittal

Designation: Assistant Professor

Departments: Physiology

Educational Qualification

Education MBBS

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Yet to be Updated


1. Arora S, Mittal S, Gupta S, Loona S, Singh KD, Mehra K. Comparative analysis of Brainstem auditory evoked potential patterns Between menstruating and menopausal north Indian females. Indian journal of endocrinology and metabolism. 2021;25:4342.

2. Mitttal S, Arora S, Gupta S, Loona S, Singh KD, Mehra K. Normative data for brainstem auditory evoked potential responses in north Indian menopausal females. Medical journal of DY patil Vidyapeeth. Web published on 07.03.2022.