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Dr. Prerna Aggarwal

Designation: Professor

Departments: Microbiology

Educational Qualification

Education MD

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest Microbiology


Publications- (2018-19)

1. Case report: An unusual case of gluteal abscess in immunocompetent patient caused by Edwardsiella tarda. Ranu Soni, Prerna Aggarwal, Gursimran Kaur Mohi, Bhawna Sharma, Nisha Goel International Journal of Biological and Medical Research. Int Biol Res.2018;9(4):6556-6558.

2. Bacteriological profile and Antibiotic Susceptibility in Chronic suppurative otitis media Dr. Vikas Dillon, Ashok Kumar, Sanchit Menon, Bhawna Sharma, Prerna Aggarwal, Aarushi Chaudhary. International journal of pharmaceutical and medical research. Wjpmr, 2019,5(1),119-121