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About Department

Biochemistry, in literal terms, means the study of the “Chemistry of Life”. But in actuality it is the study of “Reality of Life”. It not only provides explanations for the complex chemical reactions taking place inside all cells, but also explains how cells are organized and compartmentalized to create different chemical environments, how cells receive and process signals from their environment, how cells communicate and work together to form more complex structure, how cells remain in a dynamic state and ultimately how cells age and die.

In addition, the Clinical Chemistry division of Biochemistry deals with providing diagnostic services by analyzing wide range of matrices including plasma, serum, urine, CSF and whole blood and other body fluids. Based on these results and clinical findings the clinicians are able to accurately diagnose disease, evaluate organ functions, identify diseased genes and plan therapy. The Central Clinical Laboratory of Kalpana Chawla Govt. Medical College is under the direct control of Deptt of Biochemistry with HOD Biochemistry as the Prof I/C Central Lab. The Department of Biochemistry plans to further develop advanced biochemical, and molecular biological techniques such as gel electrophoresis, PCR, RFLP and gel documentation for research work of faculty, undergraduate & post graduate students.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Himanshu Madan Professor
2 Dr. Vaneet Kaur Associate Professor
3 Dr. Meenakshi Puri Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Ruhi Charak Demonstrator
5 Dr. Manjot Kaur Demonstrator
6 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Demonstrator


Our Mission:-

·         To provide excellent classroom and laboratory training to all the Undergraduate and Post graduate students, as per MCI norms and in doing so sensitizing them and preparing them  to become a Life Long Learner so as to achieve success in their chosen careers and in life.

·         To provide all components of Laboratory Medicine, including service, education, and research, with the pursuit of excellence, encouragement of innovation and adherence to exemplary professional and quality standards. 

·         To stay abreast with technological advances, novel pathologies, and revised laboratory standards.

·         To carry out significant original research that reveals the molecular mechanisms underlying life and diseases and that provides excellent training for both undergraduate and postgraduate students;

Our Vision:-

The vision of the KCGMC Lab is:

·         Clinical and academic leadership in the region.

·         High quality patient care through effective and efficient use of laboratory resources

·         Maximal provision of specialized and reference clinical laboratory services for the draining population.

·         Receptive to changing clinical, service, academic and technological  needs.                                                                       

Laboratory tests:-

In biochemistry laboratory, all the biochemical test like blood sugar, liver function tests, renal function tests, lipid profile etc. are conducted by using Fully Automate Analyser (ROCHE COBAS C501). Electrolytes estimation are conducted by electrolyte analyser (ISE 5000). The biochemistry laboratory is also performing some special tests like; anemia profile, extended lipid profile Apo A, ApoB, HbA1c and hs-CRP etc.


Quality Control:-

The biochemistry laboratory handles a massive workload of tests of approximately 700 tests per day. Therefore, all the investigations are done after carrying out the day-to-day control checks only. Quality control is maintained and monitored by internal and external quality assurance programs. The Department of Biochemistry has enrolled for EQAS program conducted by CMC Vellore for routine chemistry tests, HbA1c and urine chemistry tests to enhance the quality of report and the Department is proud to inform that the QC results are in the grade of Good –Very Good.We aim to improve and maintain this grading throughout. The Department also aims to deliver excellent, cost effective reports for patients care within a clinically relevant turnaround time.


Research Activities: -

The Department has started enrollment of undergraduate (MBBS) students for Short Term Studentship (STS) ICMR projects.


Additional Teaching and Training: -

The Department regularly gives technical training to MLT students and paramedical staffs.