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Dr. Himanshu Madan

Designation: Professor

Departments: Biochemistry

Educational Qualification

Education M.B.B.S, M.D, FIME

Area Of Interest


Research & Projects

Research in progress
Project Submitted STS project Titled- “To study the association of Hyperuricemia and Lipid profile derangement in Cardiovascular disease”
Honours Nominated as the Zonal Representative of Association of Medical Biochemists of India (AMBI)


20 Publications (17 International & 3 international)

Estimation of total and ionized magnesium and its correlation with the glycated hemolgobin in newly diagnosed subjects of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Madaan H, Aggarwal P, Reddy V.S., Garg R, Gupta K, Panjeta P, Kulshreshtha Sch. J.App. med. Sci. ,2015;3(5E): 2100-2015

Associations of FPG, AIC and disease duration with protein markes of oxiative damageand ant oxidative defense in type 2 diabetes adn diabetic retionpathy V.S. Reddy, P Agarwal, S Sethi, N Gupta, R. Garg , H Madaan, V Kumar Eye (2015),1-9

Rheumatoid Arthristis Complicated b Pseudochylothorax Without pleural Thickening: A Diagnostic Challenge for Clinician Anand Agrawal, Chandermani, Himanshu Madaan and Sarita Yadav IJCDAS,2016;58: 53-5.

Effect of vitamin C supplementation on salivary malondialdehyde levels in various oral diseases. Ind Jour Med Bio(ISSN0972-1207) Vol 14 2010.

Cholinesterase activityin heatlh workers involved in handling and spraying of organophosphorus insecticides . In.J. Med. Pub. Health vol-1/ issue-2/ Jan-march 2011 (ISSN 0975-6299)

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Correlation of 2 hours , 4hours , 8 hours , 12 hours urine protein with 24 hours urine protein in pre-eclampsia . Savita Rani Singhal , Himanshu madaan . J family and reproductive health 2014 vol 8 (3) 131-134

Serum total and ionized magnesium levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients Himanshu Madaan . J clin sci res 2014 vol 3 A 62

Association between serum ferritin and thyroid hormone profile in hypothyroidism. Intern J Med Sci Pub Health 2015 vol 4 (6ealth medi

Cardiac troponin I ultra normal levels in apperntly healthy neonates , Ashuma Sachdev , Himanshu Madaan. Accepted for publication in annals of health and heath medicine.

Chapters in Books-

i. Vaneet Kaur , Pawan Kumar Kare, Himanshu Madaan, 2018. Quality Control in a Clinical Laboratory. In: Advances in Biochemistry & Applications in Medicine, Shrestha R. (Ed.), Vol. 4. Open Access eBooks Publisher, USA. pp: 1-9. ISBN: 978-93-87500-49-5.

ii. Vaneet Kaur , Pawan Kumar Kare, Himanshu Madaan, 2018. Timeliness as a Measure of Lab Quality. In: Advances in Biochemistry & Applications in Medicine, Shrestha R. (Ed.), Vol. 4. Open Access eBooks Publisher, USA. pp: 1-9. ISBN: 978-93-87500-49-5.