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About Department

The department of pediatrics, Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College, Karnal provides health care services to neonates, children and adolescents for all pediatric medical conditions. The department consists of a team of qualified and experienced Pediatricians and doctors with a dedicated and qualified nursing team for compassionate and loving care of the little ones. In addition, the department aims to conduct world class teaching and research activities in future.

Department of Paediatrics is starting 2 new SPECIALTY CLINICS in interest of patient care from the 02/02/2018. These are:-

1.      Paediatric Asthma clinic- every Friday 11.30AM to 01.30 PM.

Dr. Poonam Mehta

MD Paediatrics

Assistant Professor


2.      Neonatal follow up clinic – every Saturday 11.30AM to 01.30 PM

Dr. Ashish Marwah

MD Paediatrics

NNF Fellowship Neonatology


Associate Professor


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Ashish Marwah Associate Professor
2 Dr. Poonam Mehta Assistant Professor
3 Dr. Sunil Kumar Senior Resident
4 Dr. Vidhi Sahni Senior Resident
5 Dr. Manita Dugal Senior Resident


1. Outpatient department (OPD):

    Pediatrics department runs OPD services for all neonates, children and adolescents on all working days from 9am to 3pm (winters) and 8am to 2pm (summers).

2. Inpatient services:

    -Pediatric ward- The department is running a 30 bedded pediatric ward for management of pediatric medical conditions only.

    -NICU (Neonatal Intensive care unit) - The department is running a state of the art 14 bedded  (Inborn - 7 beds, Outborn - 7 beds)NICU for all neonates for neonatal medical conditions only. It also provides neonatal resuscitation services to the attached obstetric department.

3. Emergency services:

    The department is providing round the clock emergency services along with the emergency department.

4. The department is providing allied services like:

    -Child welfare Clinic and Nutritional counseling (Dietician).

    -Child psychology (psychologist)

    -Speech therapy (Speech therapist)

    -Physiotherapy (Physiotherapist)

    -Occupational therapy

    - Immunization clinic (PSM department)

     in collaboration with other relevant departments.